Leslie Hobson is a writer and farmer living in King, Ontario.

She is an escapee from the world of advertising who loves movies more than life itself.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the blog.

    Where did you get the photo for the mast head
    So impressed with your turn of the word, you certainly have a gift.

    Well done

    • I used to write a monthly movie column by subscription. I had nearly 50 paid subscribers – it was worth it to them for the very reason you cite above. I had to give it up though, as it meant that I had to see everything and there was soooo much crap out there!

  2. Congratulations, Leslie, your wonderful entry won the “Christmas Memories With Mom” contest!

    It will be posted on my blog within the hour, and on Jaye Manus’ writing blog as well.

    I’ll be contacting you to get your email address and learn which $25 gift card you want: to Starbuck’s or to Amazon. Since you’re in Ontario, you might guide me in how to mail this to you, or if a money order might be better, etc.

    Again, congratulations! Marylin Warner

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  4. Hi Leslie

    I dont know how I found this blog but glad I did, never realized it existed.

    When you have time I would love to chat with you down the road.

    Loved all the comments about your Mom they knew what a great lady.

    Warmest wishes. Lyn Lynwright@bmts.com

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