The Legacy of Invisibility

This week’s 100 word challenge is LEGACY. This is my entry:


I watch him. I watch him struggle as he faces each new challenge. Having no experience himself, he needs to carefully construct his own idea of how to be a loving father.

Patient with you as a toddler, even more so when you reached your teens, you will never understand how afraid he was to be the parent he never had. But I can see. Sometimes, when he worries that he is too strong, or too weak, I can see the boy he used to be. Seven years old, waiting on the sidewalk for the father who never came back.


6 thoughts on “The Legacy of Invisibility

  1. Well written. Many parents struggle with thoughts about their ability to cope when first becoming a parent, especially so when they themselves had experiences with someone who didn’t fulfill the role. Good parenting becomes a triumph when, despite personal experiences, we do the best we can.

  2. very nice. very sensitive. I know what that’s like as struggling myself with my own “parent-ness,”
    my own concept of limits and love, or as you wrote “too strong or too weak.” i always asked for help.. Randy. Thanks

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