100 Word Challenge #41 – “The Story Bones”

Here is my entry for this week’s 100 Word Challenge – based on the photo above.

“The Story Bones”

The anthropologist carefully spreads the bones on the clean parchment paper. His assistant dutifully records his detailed notes and precise measurements. Such a wonderful find! He will draw such accurate conclusions that this time that he will surely be written up in a major journal. All of her secrets laid bare.

My bones are bleached clean and white with the passage of time. You’re so sure that you know me? A wound severe that endures through the ages. What about the ones that don’t show? My spirit broken, my heart leaden with regret. You only think that you know me.


9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge #41 – “The Story Bones”

  1. we do think we know so much…could be an interesting beginning to a story…antagonistic voices discovering and revealing…well done; I like the perspectives.

  2. Interesting contrasts here. I particularly like the juxtaposition of current and past, scientific analysis and emotion. Very well done!

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