PVR in HD – OMG!

Admittedly, I was a bit late on the bell curve in coming to PVR. There was something about it that gave me the same feeling as missing out on actually being at the party. Especially for something important, I wanted to see it as it occurred – viewing it after didn’t have the same effect.

Two other elements came into play as well. First, I had spent years in advertising and it seemed like cheating to avoid watching all those commercials that hundreds of people in painfully precious offices and oh so cool studios had worked on for so long and at such great expense.

The second problem was one of technical difficulty. Mine. While certainly no Luddite, my use of modern electrical equipment – computer, telephone, satellite – were all based on the ‘just keep pushing buttons ‘til it works’ theorem. I have absolutely no understanding of how anything works. (I am, however, excellent at calling the guy to come and install and/or fix and/or replace it.)

But eventually I warmed to the PVR. When the only two shows that I wanted to watch in an evening happened to come on at exactly the same time, I no longer had to stay up for three hours to watch the West Coast feed. Now I could record one and watch the other. I was a neophyte of course. Nobody watches live television anymore.

Today, when I decide to watch a show I come in at least 15-20 minutes after it has started. That way, I can breeze through the average 60-minute show in about 42 minutes. For certain shows, like Jeopardy, the time difference is even greater. Jeopardy, even with numerous family members buzzing in, takes less than 18 minutes. (Full disclosure – I skip the humorous anecdotes from the players).

Now I am every marketer’s nightmare. I skip through 95% of the ads. What do I stop for? Apple. The E*Trade baby. Anything with Zombies.

Last week, my PVR started to have issues. It would freeze completely and nothing short of a full power down/reload could make it operational again. It was done. So, I called the guy.

The guy came and replaced it with a brand spanking new unit. Only after he had installed it did I realize that I had now lost the 37 hours of television that I had stored on my old unit. Good lord! The entire season of Breaking Bad. The Finals from Wimbledon. That movie about the guy, going to the place, with the thing…. All gone!

If I had had my wits about me I would have spent the four nights previous staying up all night, watching everything I had hoarded on my unit before he took it away.

Now I have to start again. If you have watched any of the new fall shows and really, really liked one – don’t tell me. I’ll never catch up.


5 thoughts on “PVR in HD – OMG!

  1. For me it was a DVR and it was my knight-in-shining-armor. I loved that thing more than anyone should love an electronic box. We used to have and now we don’t. It’s a cruel world to have to sit through commercials again. Thanks for making me jealous. ; ) Great post!

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